The College Chaplain is Fr. Stephen Monaghan CM. He works every day in the College, chatting to students, organising liturgies, helping the boys with their anxieties, liaising with teachers and working with the care team to make sure that the students are happy.  If any student is worried about any aspect of his life Stephen is only too willing to help out. His official office is on the first floor.

Chaplaincy is a vital part of the student support service at St. Vincent’s. The office has an open-door policy where students can drop in at any time and be supported through the ups and downs of school life or to cope with significant events such as bereavement or family breakdown. It is a confidential and non-judgemental space.

If the Chaplaincy is not qualified to deal with a particular issue it will direct the student or parent to an appropriate service.

It also facilitates the spiritual and liturgical life of the College Community. While promoting the Catholic Ethos of the school, it is available to students of all faiths and none. The liturgical dimension of its work helps mark significant occasions and events in school year, such as the opening and closing of the year masses, graduation service, memorial service etc. and of course special seasons such as Easter and Christmas.

Aware of the diverse nature of the student population, it seeks opportunities to host inter-faith services and para liturgies. It is greatly supported by the activities of the ‘God Squad’ (students who volunteer to help organise and prepare various chaplaincy events).

The Chaplaincy service is rooted in the Vincentian Ethos and so it has a special concern for people who are struggling or on the margins. It promotes an awareness of Vincentian Social Justice in the students and encourages them to get involved in organisations and activities aimed at supporting people in need, such as the SVP Society, the Ambo Deaf School, Vincentian Lay Missionaries (VLM) and De Paul Trust Ireland etc. It is also involved in supporting and facilitating the school’s immersion program in Ambo, Ethiopia.

The services of the Chaplaincy office are also available to support the parents of our students.

You can contact Fr. Stephen Monaghan CM in the Chaplaincy Office by:

Any such contact is treated with the utmost confidentiality.