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Episode 11

In Episode 11 of the TY Mic, we interview Sally Greenwood and maths teacher here in Castleknock College. Originally from Canada, she talks about her experience as a ski racer growing up, as well as her emigration from her home country to Ireland. We end this episode with her advice to this year’s TY students on their Ski Trip, as well as a few words of wisdom for any students considering emigration in the future.                                                                                                                                                               

Production Team: Aodán Jordan, Harry Murphy, Adam Keogh and Erwan Louis. Cover photo by Oliver Moore.

Episode 10

In episode 10 we interview Tadhg Brosnan. Ex-Meath Gaelic footballer and now a maths and Irish teacher here in Castleknock College. He tells us about his early life and his playing career with Meath GAA. He also fills us in on his plans for the future in order to keep himself involved in the GAA.                                                              

Production Team: Aodán Jordan, Harry Murphy, Adam Keogh and Erwan Louis. Cover photo by Oliver Moore.

Tadhg Brosnan and Aodán Jordan

Episode 9

In episode 9 we interviewed students of the college who took part in the BT Young Scientist Competition. The students who took part ranged from 2nd year to 5th year. Basil Amin 2nd Yr, Sachin Mahesh 5th Yr and Samuel Thomson, Stephen Harcourt and Devesh Reddibathuni from 3rd Yr.We talked about their projects, what is was like taking part in the competition, meeting leaders of the country and what it was like for Basil, our second year student been interviewed live on the late late show.  

Production Team: Aodán Jordan, Harry Murphy, Adam Keogh and Erwan Louis. Cover photo by Oliver Moore.

Sachin Mahesh
Stephen Harcourt, Samuel Thomson and Devesh Reddibathuni
Basil Amin

Episode 8

In episode 8 we interview Mickey Quinn. The captain of the Longford Senior Football Team. We talk about his early sporting life and his time playing in the AFL. He talks about the challenges he faced but also the joys of playing sports abroad. He fills us in on his goals for the Longford team and his club team in 2023. Mickey also shares with us his recent experience in Kenya with other GAA players, where he was part of the Alan Kerins project.

Production Team: Aodán Jordan, Harry Murphy, Adam Keogh and Erwan Louis. Cover photo by Oliver Moore.

Episode 7

In episode 7 we interview Joanne Cantwell. The main anchor for RTE Sport. We talk about her career and how she worked up to her current position. Her time with the Dublin ladies footballers and her transition from playing for St Brigids in Dublin to Celbridge in Kildare. She also tells us about juggling family life and her career, and the many challenges this entails. She also shares her goals for her career in the future.

Joanne Cantwell and Aodán Jordan
Aodán Jordan, Joanne Cantwell, Harry Murphy and Adam Keogh

Episode 6

In episode 6 Aodán Jordan interviews Thomas Carty. One of the only professional Irish heavy weight boxers. We talk about his life before boxing and how he got into boxing. He gives us a run down of what it’s like to be a professional boxer and how it changes completely from the amateur scene. He also shares his hopes for 2023 with us and how he plans on making them come through.

Thomas Carty and Aodán Jordan
Erwan Louis, Harry Murphy, Thomas Carty, Aodán Jordan, Adam Keogh

Episode 5

Part II of the Les Misérables musical interviews where Erwan Louie and Harry Murphy interview students from 5th year and TY about their participation in the College musical.

Episode 4

In this episode of The TY Mic Erwan and Harry interviewed the actors and backstage helpers of the Les Misérables musical. We ask them about their own experiences with rehearsals and production and if they had plans to get involved with any future productions inside or outside of school. Episode 5 will have the 5th years and TY students.

Episode 3

In episode 3 we interview Andrew Rafter past student of the college owner and director of Flynn Estate Agents. We talk about his life in Castleknock College and growing up in the village, how he got into auctioneering, the College Union and his involvement in the Castleknock 5K. He gives us an insight into life in the college, his profession and what it means to be part of the college union.

Andrew Rafter and Adam Keogh

Episode 2

In episode 2 of the TY mic, we interviewed Rob Harvey a league of Ireland referee. Also, an English and religion teacher in Castleknock college. In this interview we talk about lots of different things about being a league of Ireland referee. We also talk about skills needed to be a ref and the experience of a referee during a game. 

Rob Harvey and Erwan Louis

Episode 1

In episode 1 we interview Jeremy Staunton. Ex-rugby player and now maths teacher in Castleknock College. We talk about his life playing rugby and growing up in a rugby family, from playing in Ireland with Munster to going to England playing for some of the biggest rugby clubs in the world. He gives us a run down of life after rugby and how he turned into the maths teacher that we all know in the college today.  

Jeremy Staunton and Aodán Jordan