STEPS Engineering Your Future (STEPS EYF) in person/hybrid programmes 

STEPS EYF is an engineering experience programme that gives Transition Year students a hands-on, fun and practical insight into engineering at third level and as a career. During the programme, which is run over three to five days, students attend interactive talks and presentations; get hands-on experience with group-based activities; visit local industry and meet engineers at various stages in their careers. STEPS EYF is coordinated by the Engineers Ireland STEPS programme and is hosted by third-level institutes and industry around Ireland. In 2022 we ran 22 programmes in locations all around the country and online and over 520 students participated.

If you would like receive an email when the STEPS Engineering Your Future programme opens for applications in 2022 please add your email at the link here: . Applications for the programme will open in November 2022.

We expect that DCU, TCD, UCD and TU Dublin (three campuses) will all run programmes in 2023. There will also be industry programmes in DBFL Consulting Engineers and other locations.

At least two programmes will focus on Engineering Apprenticeships.

Applications are open to all Transition Year students.

Review by Ray Murray 

Over the course of the last 3 weeks, the Transition Year group of 2022/23 took part in a full day environmental workshop called ‘Redesign Ireland’ covering the issues of Climate Change and preserving our world’s beautiful wildlife and nature. The man behind the brains of Redesign Ireland is James Fahy. James studied Zoology in college and during that time, had the opportunity to travel across the globe. James travelled through the Americas and South-East Asia working with animals such as pandas, capuchin monkeys, snakes, and scorpions, just to list a few. Picking up a few bites along the way!

We started off the day by being introduced to James and we were shown a slideshow of countries he had been to, supported by videos of animals he had worked with and seen on his travels. We were shown a wide range of videos from spider monkeys in Costa Rica swinging from trees to Siberian Tigers in North China chasing a tour bus. Along with videos of animals, we were shown the nature that James had visited, Rainbow Mountain in Peru and Jasper National Park in Canada are just a few that we were shown. We were highly recommended to travel when we get the chance, to experience the way people in the 3rd and 4th world countries live. Experience a unique way of living, diverse cultures, and different people.

We followed that by being sorted into groups which would later be the people you would make a video on climate change issues with. We partook in a few Kahoots on questions to do with The Earth’s spheres {Atmosphere, Biosphere, Cryosphere, Hydrosphere & Lithosphere} and one to do with Climate risks causing global warming. After, we took two carbon footprint tests online to see how many tons of carbon we used in our daily lives through transportation, food, and appliances at home. For most of us, we were in the double digits when it came to carbon wastage. In the second test, we discovered how long the earth would last if everyone on earth lived the same way we do, (spoiler, most of us did not get through half of the year!) It was a great insight into the way most of us live, which is constantly having a harmful impact on the earth.

We ended our day off by making short videos covering climate issues, most of them with a humorous twist, topics such as ocean issues, agriculture, and biodiversity were covered.

I do believe that this workshop gave us an insight into everything that is damaging and harming our earth is masking the wonderful nature and beauty that desperately needs preserving.


Mini Science TY programme – RCSI

The Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland are hosting a Mini Science TY programme on the 1st and 2nd of Feb 2023.  Please see the following link for more information

If you are interested in applying for this course please complete the form below.

Please note that Q10 of the form will require you to write about why you would like to attend this TY programme.

Registration form

Please note that this is an onsite programme in the Royal College of Surgeons and places will be limited. If you are successful in gaining a place please complete the “Additional Work Experience Form”.

Environmental Innovators

Environmental Innovators is now available to download (please see the link at the end of this email).The programme is a downloadable PDF that contains four chapters. Each chapter should take no more than 3 hours to complete. There are live links and tasks for students to complete within. Students are NOT required to have any prior knowledge of subject matter. The programme is accessible from school AND home. 

Students will have from 19th September – 16th December to complete the programme. 

  • Four chapters
  • 13 tasks – optional aids for student learning and enjoyment
  • 1 end of programme project – submit your idea for an innovation that does not have adverse effects on the environment

The project submission portal will be open from the October mid-term break until 16th of December. Students can submit anytime within this period, but it is recommended covering the material first. 

Five group finalists will be chosen to take a trip to BiOrbic Bioeconomy Research Centre at University College Dublin to present their idea to agri-food stakeholders. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet like-minded peers and to demonstrate their learning over the course of the programme. This finalists meet-up will take place in January. The National Champions, chosen at the close of the day, will receive a grand prize of €250 each. 

Follow the Instagram and Twitter @agriaware for more programme updates. 

Click on the link below to access the programme.

Environmental Innovators | Agri Aware Transition Year Programme

This programme is also created as an assignment in the students TY Teams account. The assignment will close on December 16th where students will have to upload their project to the assignment as evidence of completion.

Students must also upload their project to the submission portal.

Carlingford 2022

On Monday, the 12th of September, the entirety of the class of 2025 entered the school grounds, suspiciously enthusiastic for 8 am on a Monday. Buzzing, we gathered around Mr. McDonnell who was about to deliver some devastating news. ALL students would be separated from their phones for a whopping 48+ hours! The resulting sea of miserable faces was short-lived as we all began to clamber onto the bus and begin our journey to Carlingford. The small coastal town on the Cooley peninsula slowly revealed its fun side as the activities began. 2 groups were sent on a hike up a mountain to play laser tag, while the other group enjoyed some ‘peaceful’ kayaking in the lough. We enjoyed some of the local delicacies (odd coloured curry with undercooked broccoli) before venturing out for the night on a blindfolded mountain walk – likely organised to tire us out and guarantee a peaceful night for all.  How did that work out I hear you say!! Bleary eyed, we were ready for the action packed day that awaited us. Day 2 brought kayaking and zip lining, by day and onto a campfire at nightfall, where we enjoyed smores, after a long wait involving a struggle to kickstart the fire! With the dawning of day 3, we finished the trip with more zip lining and a sausages and chip snack before departing the shadow of the Carlingford Mountain for the bustle of the city and the pinging of the phones. Overall, a great experience was had.  

Bailey Fowler