Sports Hall Donation

This year, the College is opening up a new chapter in our history through the unveiling of our new Sports Hall. This new facility will replace the old building which was over 50 years old and had long outlived its usefulness.

The completion of the construction of the new Sports Hall will ensure that students are provided with the best possible educational environment here at St Vincent’s Castleknock College. At 929 square metres, this state of the art structure will allow the College to deliver the junior and senior cycle P.E. curricula to the fullest extent and beyond. Basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer, gymnastics and pre-rugby season conditioning will be delivered in a safe and spacious environment. And, for the first time, concurrent usage by more than one class will be possible. Uniquely, the Sports Hall will feature a roof-mounted, double cricket bay where batting and bowling skills can be practised and honed and will not be limited by weather conditions. The Sports Hall will also provide the College with an essential general purpose space, capable of holding the whole school population for regular events such as school assemblies.

Since October 2014, we have been actively engaged in raising funds for the construction of the new development and we have raised a sum amounting to approximately €500,000. Much of this can be accredited to the generosity of our pastmen and to the parents in our school community and their commitment to our students and their education.  We are currently on schedule with the development of the building and hope to open it for use in April 2017. However, the College is still facing a debt that amounts to approximately €1.7m.

Castleknock College receives no funding or grant-in-aid from the State towards the provision of the Sports Hall (or for any other capital project) so we must, therefore, rely on contributions from parents and pastmen. We believe that a burden shared is indeed a burden halved and we are therefore asking you to consider whether you are in a position to donate at this time.

You can do so by making a once off donation online or, by downloading a direct debit mandate form which may be completed and returned to our Development Officer, Nicole Duffy, at the College.

Alternatively, if you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss the fundraising effort in the College, please communicate your desire to do so to:


Ways to donate.

You have 3 ways to donate:

1. To make a once off online donation simply click on the “Once off Donation” button below.

2. Pledge a gift of each year for a period of years, payable monthly / quarterly / annually.

3. Set up a monthly standing order at my bank.