General Allocation Model

The new Special Education Teaching allocation will provide a single unified allocation for special educational teaching needs to each school, based on that school’s educational profile. This single allocation is being made to allow schools to provide special education teaching support for all students who require such support in their schools. Schools will deploy resources based on each students’ individual learning needs.

This model facilitates our belief that the Support for Learning Department will have assisted every student that passes through the school at some point in their journey.

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Continuum of Support

The Department has set out the Continuum of Support framework to assist schools in identifying and responding to students’ needs. This framework recognises that special educational needs occur along a continuum, ranging from mild to severe, and from transient to long term, and that students require different levels of support depending on their identified educational needs. Using this framework helps to ensure that interventions are incremental, moving from class-based interventions to more intensive and individualised support, and that they are informed by careful monitoring of progress.

The Continuum of Support is a problem-solving model of assessment and intervention that enables schools to gather and analyse data, as well as to plan and review the progress of individual students.

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