Following consultations with the Parents’ Representative Association and the Student Council, the following is the list of items of clothing required by each student (although the scarf is optional):

Trousers Mid-grey trousers
Shirts Sky blue shirt
Pullover College V-necked pullover with crest
TieCollege tie.  6th Year students wear a Union tie.
Shoes All black leather shoes with plain uppers.  Boots or shoes with canvas, patent or suede uppers are not permitted.  Shoes with white or coloured soles are not permitted.
SocksSocks should be dark and above the ankle.  White socks are not permitted.
Blazer The College single-breasted blazer with crest.
Scarf College scarf (optional)
Overcoat Outdoor jacket: navy-blue bubble jacket with College crest

All uniform items are available from Arnotts, Henry St, Dublin 1.  However, the trousers, shirts, socks and shoes may be bought in any shop, so long as they are of the right colour.  A strict code of dress is applied in the College and the correct uniform must be worn on the way to and from the premises.  Please note the following:

  • Parents are required to ensure that their boy’s dress conforms with the College requirements.  Please pay particular attention to the colours specified.
  • The Year Head will judge what is the acceptable standard of dress and personal appearance for all occasions.  Students may be refused access to class if their uniform does not comply with regulations.
  • The College insists that its students look smart so the top shirt button must be closed at all times and the tie must cover the top button and shirts must be tucked in.
  • Tracksuit tops are not allowed to be worn within College buildings.
  • Students must wear the College outdoor anorak when going to and from the College premises as they are always ambassadors for the college.  ‘Hoodies’ are not permitted to be worn in the College building or on the journey to or from the College, and may be confiscated if a student is found wearing one.
  • During term time the College blazer is optional, however, it must be worn when the students represent the College on formal occasions (such as prize-givings or concerts), on away matches and for major liturgical ceremonies in the College such as the Family Mass.
  • Efforts are made to keep the cost of the uniform reasonable and there is an annual sale in June at the College of clean, second-hand uniform clothes.  The proceeds of this sale go to the SVP and the College’s sister college in Ambo, Ethiopia.
  • The lost-and-found department is full of unclaimed items of clothing many of which are quite expensive to buy.  Parents can help by putting their son’s name on each piece of clothing.  When an item of clothing with a name is found the owner will be informed and the item can be claimed at reception.

Sports Wear
Sportswear is supplied by Arnotts. Each boy must also be supplied with sportswear as specified by the College.  This includes:

  • Rugby gear including the college rugby jersey, togs and socks.
  • PE Kit: T-Shirt (crested), College leisure shorts (navy) (both available from Arnotts), white sport socks and runners