The information below relates to Admissions for the 2021-2022 intake which has now closed.

Information relating to the 2022-2023 intake will be posted to this page in September 2021.

St Vincent’s Castleknock College has an open admissions policy which appears on the policies section of this website.  An application form is available on this website and can be submitted by post.  A scholarship scheme for those who would not be able to afford the fees is run by the College, and an application form for this scheme is available on the website.  Please note that it is not possible to apply for a regular place and a scholarship place for the same student as applying for the former implies one can afford the fees and applying for the latter implies one cannot.

SVC Annual Admission Notice 2020

SVC Admissions Policy August 2020

Application Form 1st Year 2021 Applicants

Application Form Years 2-6 (limited availability)

Scholarship 2021 Final

Enrolment Procedure

The normal entrance age for 1st Year at St Vincent’s Castleknock College is 12 to 13 years.  An open evening for prospective students and their parents is held in the College each year and this normally takes place in the autumn.  It is limited to students in 5th class and their parents.

In accordance with our Admissions Policy, the Board of Management approves the list of applications once the closing date has been reached.  Parents of successful applicants are then notified by post if their son has been offered a place.  Successful applicants will be invited to visit the College to meet with one of the following: the Headmaster, the Deputy Principal, the President of the College or a senior member of the College Management Team.  The purpose of this meeting is to afford applicants and their parents an opportunity to discuss their choice of St Vincent’s Castleknock College on a one-to-one basis and get answers to any questions that they and their son may have.

Because the College is an excellent one with high academic standards, highly-motivated teachers, smaller classes, a wide curriculum, a vast choice of sports and co-curricular activities, there may be more applicants than places.  In that case students will be offered a place in accordance with the admissions policy.  A waiting list may be compiled when all places have been filled.

Applicants who have accepted a place in the College are invited to attend an assessment test in the spring before their entry to first year.  The purpose of this test, when taken in conjunction with an applicant’s school reports, is to assist the College in forming balanced, mixed-ability classes in the junior cycle and to flag any special needs which the College will prepare to meet.

You can contact the Admissions office by: