Headmaster’s Message

You may have seen that The Irish Times, the Irish Independent and The Sunday Times have published their school league tables for this academic year. The Irish Independent rated St Vincent’s Castleknock College as joint 1st in the country with 100% going on to third level. The Irish Times ranked the college ninth with 84% getting into the high-point courses. In The Sunday Times more recently our rise up the tables continued, despite the cutbacks to the fee-paying sector. Over the past five years we have moved up from 143rd to 91st to 79th to 33rd and now to 31st. This is for getting students into the main universities in Ireland. Hence the fact that our Young Scientist winner, Alexander Amini, has been accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston (one of the most prestigious universities in the world) would go unrecorded by The Sunday Times.

This is a great achievement by the teaching staff and, of course, the students (encouraged all the way by their parents). Congratulations to all of them. I do not believe that any school in Ireland has a staff as committed, as hardworking, as up-to-date, as caring and as dedicated as ours. It is good to see that an independent survey rates St Vincent’s Castleknock College at the very top – a particularly outstanding achievement for a school with an open admission policy. We do not cherry-pick our students.

St Vincent’s Castleknock College is working to be better all the time. We have appointed Adrian Flavin as our new full-time Director of Rugby. We have recently appointed Gerry Davis as the new Director of Administration. We are fundraising to build a floodlit, all-weather rugby practice pitch and we are two-thirds of the way there, as we have collected over €100,000 of the €150,000 needed.

Whatever happens in the coming budgets, St Vincent’s Castleknock College will continue to deliver excellence in all departments: in the classroom, in sports, in music and the arts. The wonderful school spirit which has remained undiminished over 175 years is here to stay. We have a fantastic college led by committed teachers and we will keep it that way.