Transition Year

Welcome to the Transition Year information page. This brief presentation gives an update on the current Transition Year programme for the 2020/2021 academic year.

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Useful Documents

Work Experience/Community Care:

Block 1: Duration 1 Week. Community Care / Work Placement. This take place from the 20th – 22nd December

Block 2: Duration 2 Weeks. Work experience begins on the 28th of February.

Students will be required to complete an online form with regard where they are doing their work experience using the links supplied:

TY Community Care Placement Form           (student only form)

TY Work Experience Placement Form          (student only form)

An evaluation form will be emailed to all employers before the work experience begins. In the attachment is a standard letter that must be given to employers and also a copy of the current College Insurance. A revised insurance cert will be issued after the renewal date.

Students may take an additional work experience week but must apply for this in advance of taking the placement. The relevant form is in the attachment and is titled “College Absence Form”. This form can be filled in electronically and emailed directly to me along with the completed online form.

TY Additional Work Experience Form.     (student only form)

Students may apply for a number of TY directed courses organised by Third Level Colleges. Please see the following links for courses:    (online only for 2020/2021) no courses for 2020/2021 no courses for 2020/2021

Please note that applications for some courses will have to go through the TY Co Ordinator and only one student can be nominated.

Please note that some of these courses were offered online this year due to covid 19.

Each year the Royal College of Surgeons offers a work placement. This is the TY Mini Med school. The College will be entered into the lottery for places in September. 

This course was offered to all students as an online course this year.


This year there is the TY Ski trip on offer to students.

  1. The TY Ski Trip will take place during in February. The cost of this trip will be available in September. Payment details will also be available in September pending travel advisory notices from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Students who intend to travel on the TY Ski Trip please complete the online application form. Please note that this does not in any way compel a student to travel but is an indicator of interest in the trip to assist with planning.

Application form for the TY Ski Trip 2021-2022     (parent and student form)

Additional Module Charge.

Due to the nature of Transition Year, some additional charges are incurred.  For the following year, the additional module charge will be €670 subject to the activities going ahead.  This fee is processed through the usual procedure.

Medical Form

Finally all students are required to complete the following form for general medical purposes in relation to all TY activities: (this form also contains a section relevant to the TY Ski Trip which should be completed if interested in travelling)

TY Medical Form 2021/2022    (parent and student form)

Key dates

3rd of December deadline for community care placement details.

20th of December community care placement commences.

4th of February 2022 deadline for entry of TY work placement details.

28th of February 2022. TY work experience placement commences.

Please use the online form below if you have any questions in relation to Transition Year.

TY 2021-2022 enquiry form

Please be advised that some links may require you to ask your son to use his St. Vincent’s Castleknock College email address.

All student forms will be available to students via their TY 2021/2022 Teams account if a student is not on this Team please advise me via email.