Se llevaron el oro y nos dejaron el oro… Se lo llevaron todo y nos dejaron todo… Nos dejaron las palabras’  Pablo Neruda

Spanish is one of the main foreign languages studied at St. Vincent’s College. First years may choose it as their modern language and generally continue it through to Leaving Certificate. Strong emphasis is placed on communicative skills and classes are conducted through the target langugae. Teachers of Spanish make great effort to develop and concentrate on the four language skills- Oral, Aural, Listening and Reading.

The Junior Certificate:

The Junior Certificate syllabus caters for the entire ability range of pupils. It is divided into Ordinary and Higher level and consists of:

  • An Aural examination
  • A Written examination

The syllabus is the same for both levels.

Exam Higher Ordinary
Listening 140 marks 44% 140 marks 44%
Reading 100 marks 31% 120 marks 38%
Writing 80 marks 25% 60 marks 19%
Total 320 marks 100% 320 marks 100%


The Leaving Certificate

The Leaving Certificate Assessment is by means of a written examination at both Ordinary and Higher level.

  • There is also an aural and an oral examination at both levels.
Exam Higher Ordinary
Listening 80 marks 20% 100 marks 25%
Reading 100 marks 30% 160 marks 40%
Written Production 80 marks 25% 60 marks 15%
Oral 100 marks 25% 80 marks 20%
Total 400 marks 100% 400 marks 100%


Transition year

Transition year offers the student the opportunity to experience Hispanic culture and traditions by means of films, music, literature and two language programmes. The Department runs a Homestay Programme in Castellón and an Exchange Programme in Madrid. Students are encouraged to participate in these programmes to practise their language skills and to experience Spanish life.


  • Second year students of Spanish go on an annual trip to Madrid where they experience Spanish life first hand.
  • Castleknock Spanish debating teams have been extremely successful in the Irish Spanish debating competition, having been finalists in the last two years.