Physics is offered to Leaving Certificate students in Castleknock College, as well as being an integral part of the Junior Cycle Science programme. For Leaving cert, students follow a 2 year course of study. The exam can ultimately be taken at either higher or ordinary level

During their studies, students will learn about the world of

  • light, sound and waves
  • mechanics,
  • electricity
  • heat and temperature
  • modern physics

There is a large practical component to the course where students will complete a range of mandatory practical investigations. This is then examined as part of the ultimate LC Physics exam.

There is also a considerable mathematical component to the study of physics, and generally those who excel in the subject have a firm grounding in the basics of maths, particularly algebra.

Physics is an ideal subject for any student who wishes to do a Science or engineering degree in college,  or hopes to have a future career in Science.