Chemistry is offered to Leaving Certificate students in Castleknock College. It is a two year programme and can be studied at both Honours and Ordinary level.

At both Higher and Ordinary Level students will study a range of topics including atomic structure, radioactivity, oxidation and reduction, ionic and covalent bonding, rates of reaction, acid and bases and organic chemistry.

There is a large practical component to the course where students will complete a range of mandatory practical investigations. Although there are no marks given in the Leaving Certificate there is a large section of the paper devoted to questions on the mandatory practical investigations. There is a considerable mathematical component to the chemistry course where students will learn to calculate concentrations of solutions using volumetric analysis and gases using the gas laws.

Chemistry is a very engaging subject both theoretically and practically. It is an ideal subject for any student who wishes to do a Science degree in college or plans to have a future career in Science.


  • A chance to carry out interesting and challenging practical investigations
  • Investigate how chemistry is important in our everyday lives
  • A chance to enter the science Olympiad