Biology is offered to Leaving Certificate students in Castleknock College. It is a two year programme and can be studied at both Honours and Ordinary level.

The syllabus comprises three broad units:

  • Unit One: Biology- The Study of Life.
  • Unit Two: The Cell.
  • Unit Three: The Organism.

There is a large practical component to the course where students will complete a range of mandatory practical investigations. A section of the paper devotes questions on the mandatory practical investigations. 

Students develop an understanding and knowledge of the unit of life – the cell – whose structures and processes are shared by all living organisms and, in so doing, gain an insight into the uniqueness, function and role of organisms, including themselves. In addition, they become aware of the use by humans of other living organisms and their products to enhance human health and the human environment and make informed evaluations about contemporary biological issues.

Activities and Tours:

Ecology Trip to Dublin Zoo

Guest Speakers

Department Staff:

Aoife Millea

Trevor McDonnell

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Michael Kavanagh

Useful Websites and Online Resources:


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[Mr. C. Biology]

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