Agricultural Science

Agricultural science is the fastest growing Science subject at Leaving Certificate nationally. Agricultural science is offered to leaving certificate students at both honours and ordinary level. There is a large practical component to the subject worth 25%. The written examination is worth 75%.

The project is based on a brief that is released every year, it involves students individually researching, investigating and carrying out experiments based on a chosen title from the brief. The project is submitted in April of 6th year.

During the course of the two years students study a wide variety of topics including: plant and animal physiology, genetics, microbiology, soil science, crop production, grassland management and animal production (beef, sheep, dairy and pigs). Both honours and ordinary level study these topics. There are 20 practical experiments on the curriculum that students will carry out in class over the two years.


  • Trips to a sheep, beef and dairy farm
  • Carrying out practical investigations in the laboratory
  • Opportunity to attend the National ploughing championships

Department staff: Eimear Darcy


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