Applied Mathematics


Applied Mathematics is offered to Leaving Certificate students in Castleknock College.

It is a two-year programme and is available for study at higher level.

A brand new specification has been introduced and will be examined for the first time in June 2023.

At higher level, students study topics in mathematical physics and kinematics (such as linear motion, projectiles, Newton’s laws and connected particles, impacts and collisions, circular motion). Students also study topics in decision mathematics (networks and graphs). Methods in mathematical modelling such as difference equations and differential equations are also studied.

The subject is examined with a terminal two and a half hour exam (worth 80%) and a mathematical modelling project (worth 20%). The mathematical modelling project is completed in 6th Year.

Information about the new specification is freely available at:

Students who have obtained a high grade at higher level in Maths in their junior cycle and Transition Year studies and who have a keen interest in using Maths to solve practical problems should be well suited to study higher level Applied Maths at Leaving Certificate level. The course can be enjoyable and rewarding and can also be a useful stepping stone for students interested in pursuing a third level course in subjects such as engineering, financial mathematics or in the natural and social sciences.

The college employs five members of the teaching staff who are engaging in continuous professional development in respect of the teaching of this new specification. A wide variety of teaching methodologies and resources will be used in the delivery of this Leaving Certificate programme.

Other points to note:

  • Applied Maths students may take part in the annual Applied Mathematics Table Quiz organised by the Irish Applied Maths Teachers’ Association (IAMTA).  Each team has two 6th year students and a 5th Year student. Castleknock College has won this competition at senior and at junior level on several occasions.
  • There are three gold medals given annually by the IAMTA to the top three students nationally in Leaving Certificate Applied Maths. Previous winners have come from Castleknock College.