French is an optional subject which is taught to Junior Cert and Leaving Cert level. Classes are taught mostly in French and there is a strong emphasis on creating a dynamic teaching environment.

Students are encouraged to use the target language from the beginning.

Classroom learning is enhanced with the use of the latest technology and students are made aware of how they can use technology at home to further their learning. MS Teams is used mostly for transmission of notes and homework. There are several websites that classes are encouraged to use in class or at home. Here are just a few of the websites that we use;


All four skills of language; speaking, listening, reading and writing are worked on and assessed continuously during the six years to Leaving Cert.

Depending on availability, students may benefit from the presence of a French assistant in the school and from one to one tuition in preparation for oral exams.

A successful yearly event to date has been a visit from the performing troop, French Theatre for Schools.

Teachers of French in Castleknock College are continually updating their skills by participating in courses and examining at the State Examinations.