Graphics/ Design and Communication Graphics (DCG)


Graphics is offered at Junior Cycle level and develops into Design and Communication Graphics for the Leaving Certificate. Graphics is assessed at a common level while DCG is available at higher and ordinary level. Students are assessed through both technical drawing exams and project work.

Graphics is a universal language using images to convey information. Examples of graphics would be logos, signs, website icons, posters and blueprints.

Graphics improves neatness, accuracy, problem solving, visualisation and creative thinking.

During the Junior Cycle students will learn:

  • How to produce 2D and 3D drawings using drawing equipment
  • How to freehand sketch objects, concepts and product designs
  • How to create 2D and 3D sketches on a computer
  • How the design process works


During the Leaving Certificate course students will learn:

  • Processes and techniques following on from the JC Graphics course
  • How to communicate information using orthographic and pictorial projection
  • How to analyse and appreciate good design
  • How to render and present freehand sketches to a professional level
  • How to model and produce 3D designs and prototypes


Careers involving graphics include:

Architecture                       Construction                      Graphic design                 

Product design                  Engineering                        Interior design

Computer animation      Furniture design               Trades


ICT used:

Solidworks CAD software

Sindoh 3D Wox 3D Printer


Department Staff:

James O’Rourke                Darran Sheils                     

David Barnes                      Jeremy Staunton

This year we got the exciting news that Castleknock College student Stephen Harcourt won a design competition organised by the Munster Technological University and the National Maritime College of Ireland. What makes the win even more impressive, is that the competition was intended for senior DCG students and Stephen is still in 2nd Year!

Stephen was one of two junior students (1st Year Ben Maguire being the other) invited by Mr Sheils to submit an entry along with 4th and 5th Year DCG students. The competition required students to submit sketched designs for an ‘Ecological Ship’. Stephen went above and beyond with his entry, modelling and rendering his final design using the Blender programme on his computer. Judges scored Stephen well ahead of the competition due to  his design’s posable solar panels, modern sails, retractable bilge keel (to protect wildlife in shallower water) as well as his exceptional presentation standards.

As a result, Stephen won a Perusa 3D printer from MTU and a tour of the Maritime College. The tour will take place September 2022 where he will be accompanied by twenty of his fellow  2nd Year Graphics students. Positions on the tour will be rewarded to those students showing effort, improvement and dedication to Graphics this year. So a great incentive for a final push to the end of the year.