German is offered as a choice subject in First Year. Students complete the three year syllabus as outlined in conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills to Junior Certificate. The majority of students take the subject at Higher Level and tend to retain it as their modern language in the Senior Cycle.

Classes are conducted in the most part through the target language with emphasis on honing the four language skills of Oral, Aural, Listening and Reading Comprehension.

In Transition Year the focus is on fostering the student’s communicative skills in the target language together with exploring the German culture and it’s people through the mediums of film, literature, debating, dialects, festival and traditions as well as the opportunity to participate in a language exchange with our partner school in Stuttgart.

Results orientated

The German Department is at all times results orientated by maximising the best potential of each individual student at varying levels of ability.

Language Assistant.

The Department has also established an excellent relationship with the University of Karlsruhe near Stuttgart whereby we welcome a student intern to join us for part of the academic year. The assistant participates in language lessons and also gives individual time to students in Leaving Cert year in their preparation for the Oral exam.

Why learn German ? – Warum Deutsch?

Did you know that German :

  • Is spoken by nearly 120 million people worldwide?
  • Is the most widely-spoken native language in Europe?
  • Is the second most widely-used native language within science?
  • Germany is Ireland’s third largest trading partner?
  • Opens the door to low cost third level studies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland?
  • Is the language of Goethe, Schiller, Böll and Brecht, Rammstein and Lena, Siemens and BMW?
  • is the most commonly used language on the internet after English?


Lern Deutsch und mach Spaß !