Business Studies

Business Studies is the subject which enables students to make informed decisions in the everyday business of living, contributes to the student’s understanding of the world of business, and encourages a positive attitude towards enterprise. The syllabus is balanced between the business education necessary for the individual/household area and business education in the purely commercial context. This balance is achieved by devoting separate syllabus sections to ‘the Business of Living’ and ‘Enterprise’. The business concepts and skills introduced in one are restated and reinforced in the other. A section on economic awareness forms a bridge between these two sections.

During the three years of the course, students are introduced to basic bookkeeping, general business theory and an introduction to economics. In the course of the three years, students will carry out two Classroom Based Assessments – one which is a group project; the other an individual. All students will use the skills and experiences to sit a common exam. While not a compulsory subject, Business is a very popular subject with students at both Junior and Senior level

The Transition year programme splits Business into four separate sections. Students get a taste of all three leaving subjects – Business, Economics and Accounting. Enterprise is the fourth module students participate in where students have the opportunity explore the world of entrepreneurship and the requirements to innovate and create through entrepreneurial endeavour.

In fifth year the Business Department specialises into the three separate areas of Business, Accounting and Economics. Leaving Certificate Business creates an awareness of the importance of business activity and develops a positive and ethical attitude towards enterprise. The learning experiences in business develop students’ critical thinking, creative and organisational skills while enhancing literacy and numeracy skills using real-life examples. Business provides students with a learning foundation for a wide range of careers in business, marketing, law, enterprise and management.

This syllabus is for students in the senior cycle of post-primary education and is assessed at Ordinary and Higher levels.

Choosing a business subject offers students a wide choice of subjects and career opportunities through the CAO system.

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