St Vincent’s Castleknock College is proud of the fact that several of its teachers have written textbooks for the curriculum in Ireland and its teachers became experts at the new syllabus before it was rolled out to the rest of the country. It was also a pilot college for the new mathematics syllabus “Project Maths”.

  • Six of the teachers are authors of the “Active Maths” series of books, the best-selling series of textbooks for “Project Maths”. They are Derek Mulvany, James O’Loughlin, Colin Townsend, Tadgh Brosnan, and Jim McElroy, and former principal Oliver Murphy.


James O’Loughlin
Co-Author of “Active Maths”

Colin Townsend
Co-Author “Active Maths”

Tadgh Brosnan
Co-Author of “Active Maths”

Dr Sandra Tiernan
Author of “Breaking Ground”