Student Guides and Resources

Where to Check Daily

You should check the Teams Assignments tab daily for all work. Think of Teams Assignments as an online homework journal. Your teacher will assign work here and set a deadline or “due date” of when they expect the work to be handed in. Make sure to click “Hand-in” when you have uploaded your homework or your teacher will not be notified that you have completed it!

You can access teams at using a web browser, however it is recommended that you download and install the Teams app for your device for best performance.

You can do so at [this link].

If you need your password reset for any of the above platforms please e-mail

Useful Guides

Teams Assignments: Checking and Submitting Homework – Video by Mr Smith. This is the primary place for teachers to set work.

Additional Information

Your teacher may place notes and handouts in OneNote or Edmodo. Here are some additional videos showing you how these platforms work:

OneNote: Checking and Submitting Homework – Video by Mr McDonnell