Covid-19 Return to School Declarations

Please choose the appropriate link below to complete your Return to School declaration.

You will need your Castleknock College Office365 login details to access the form.

If you get an access denied error, make sure you’re not logged into another Office365 account, for example, a business Office365 account belonging to your parent or guardian.

If you have a brother in the school with you, you must submit your form separately under your individual Office365 account.

If you can’t remember your Castleknock College Office365 login details, please e-mail from the e-mail account(s) that we have on file for your parent or guardian.

Important: Public health guidance requires that you submit a new declaration before returning on Monday 12th April, even if you have completed one already in 2021.

1st Years:
2nd Years:
3rd Years:
4th Years:
5th Years:
6th Years: