Class Tutors

tutorsEvery class has a Class Tutor who meets the students for 12 minutes each day. This period is called LAPC: Literacy and Pastoral Care. The tutor works with the class to build a happy, harmonious, hard-working atmosphere in which each student is allowed to be himself. The 12 minutes are also used to encourage students to keep up the reading habit through their teenage years – a time in their lives when so many boys in Ireland lose touch with reading. Every student brings a book to LAPC and they often read quietly while the teacher takes the roll and enters it on the college register electronically. Class tutors regularly organise events, trips and tours for their students in order to build the bonds that often last a lifetime.

Class Tutors work with the Year Head to ensure that the atmosphere in the year group is the way it should be i.e. the staff aim to see tolerance, openness, friendliness, respect and co-operation throughout the college. The college management doesn’t like cliques and bullying is abhorred. If it is detected that there is even the smallest act of bullying, the Class Tutor, the Year Heads, the Deputy and the Headmaster will move quickly to inform the bully that his behaviour has no place in the college and to support the victim and let him know that everyone is on his side.