Art in Castleknock College is chosen as an option in 1st Year for the junior cycle. Junior students receive two one-hour long classes a week and go on to sit the Junior Cycle in this subject. Classroom based assessments are carried out in 2nd and 3rd Year. Through art, students explore fine art, craftwork, and design, all three strands are examined throughout Junior Cycle.

The art room is exceptionally spacious and bright. Students are encouraged to engage with each other while exploring the artistic process. Observational drawing and painting skills are developed along with 3D work and craft skills. These include printing, calligraphy and puppetry.

Art at senior level involves a progression into Art History. The students are encouraged to explore their own personal development into becoming an artist. Further exploration of media is introduced at this stage including oil painting and more advanced water colour techniques.

Students look to the work of other artists, both historical and contemporary in order to support their own work and develop good practice in their research and realisation of art works.

Art supports students well- being and the formation of friendships as the students interact with each other along with the teacher. The creative process and the development of practical skills improves confidence and allows self- expression.

Both Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate art involve project work enabling the student to experience less pressure at exam time in the summer.

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