The aim at St Vincent’s Castleknock College is to ensure that all the students are happy and hardworking. It strives for excellence at everything it does, beginning inside the classroom where students are encouraged to be active learners and diligent workers. But the work doesn’t stop there: the college also strives for excellence on the sports fields, especially at rugby.

Even though the college is only nine kilometers from Dublin’s city centre it has 70 acres of magnificent grounds, with ten rugby pitches, five floodlit savannah style tennis courts (which can also be used for soccer and handball), a running track, a table-tennis centre, a soccer pitch, a cricket crease and much more. In addition to these facilities a floodlit, all-weather rugby practice pitch is in the process of being built.

Furthermore, there are debating societies, a chess club, an orchestra, several college bands, choirs, computers and programming classes, a museum, an art gallery, a magnificent library and classes in Chinese language and culture, all of which are geared towards helping every student develop his interests and widen his horizons.

The aim is to develop the whole person and to that end there are several layers of care to ensure that students are happy: prefects, a buddy system between the students of first year and senior students, class tutors, year heads, a guidance counsellor, a chaplain, a learning support team and a cohort of enthusiastic, hard-working, dedicated teachers, administrators and managers who look after each and every student.

The college has an extremely active Parent Representative Association (with Core Groups of parents for each of the six years) and a vibrant Student Council. All of this is delivered under the guiding hand of the Vincentian order as the spirit of St Vincent de Paul runs through all that it does.

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