Oct 11 TY Fencing

TY Fencing

TY brings many new experiences that we may not have had the opportunity to try before. I know for myself and many others, fencing is one of those experiences. Stepping out of their Vincent’s blue, the 4th year boys were donned, head-to-toe, in white attire. The big and heavy suits that left us sweating buckets by the end were made up of many components such as the lamé jacket, chest protector, glove and exterior jacket. Under the expert eye of Mr Dight, we mastered moves such as the parry and repost along with many defences and the importance of priority.

We, the eager students, had to use composure and inner focus, a new skill for most of us more familiar with a pitch or a field.
We began by learning the basic skills and as the module progressed, moved towards electrics and wore wrist readers, which were a genius piece of equipment invented by Mr. Dight himself. We mastered foil and sabre, two different types of fencing styles with different rules. The module concluded with a tournament, in which we were put into different pools where we fought to progress to the rounds ahead. Even though standards were extremely high, it was Alex Tilly who came away with the win.

Although the fencing module has come to a finish for SV4, the rest of the TY boys who have yet to experience this module will no doubt enjoy it as thoroughly as we did. We are also looking forward to the challenge of competing against the Mount Sackville students. En garde!

By Noah Winders