Sep 22 Carlingford 2022

Carlingford 2022

On Monday, the 12th of September, the entirety of the class of 2025 entered the school grounds, suspiciously enthusiastic for 8 am on a Monday. Buzzing, we gathered around Mr. McDonnell who was about to deliver some devastating news. ALL students would be separated from their phones for a whopping 48+ hours! The resulting sea of miserable faces was short-lived as we all began to clamber onto the bus and begin our journey to Carlingford. The small coastal town on the Cooley peninsula slowly revealed its fun side as the activities began. 2 groups were sent on a hike up a mountain to play laser tag, while the other group enjoyed some ‘peaceful’ kayaking in the lough. We enjoyed some of the local delicacies (odd coloured curry with undercooked broccoli) before venturing out for the night on a blindfolded mountain walk – likely organised to tire us out and guarantee a peaceful night for all.  How did that work out I hear you say!! Bleary eyed, we were ready for the action packed day that awaited us. Day 2 brought kayaking and zip lining, by day and onto a campfire at nightfall, where we enjoyed smores, after a long wait involving a struggle to kickstart the fire! With the dawning of day 3, we finished the trip with more zip lining and a sausages and chip snack before departing the shadow of the Carlingford Mountain for the bustle of the city and the pinging of the phones. Overall, a great experience was had.  

Bailey Fowler