Apr 27 Online Instrumental Lessons

The Music Department are delighted to share that we will be facilitating continued music tuition online, over the coming weeks. During this challenging time, it is felt that routine and focus is of the upmost importance for your son. Through technology, we feel that excellent musical learning can be very much achieved.

Your son has opportunity to receive face-to-face tutorials, allowing them to stay in contact with their music teacher and continue to develop and refine their skill, on a weekly basis. Our music staff are delighted to deliver these lessons and are already busily preparing for them.

Mr Hunt has initiated group emails for each teacher and their students. From here, the teacher will organise a suitable day and time. (Please see details below on signing consent)

In creating and safe and comfortable learning environment for both staff and students, we would ask that the following is adhered to:

– All lessons should be held in an area of the home that is open and accessible to the parents of the student. Lessons should not, for instance, take place in a bedroom with a closed door.

– Consent for lessons must be given by parents for online lessons to commence. To do this, please download and sign the consent form at the bottom of this page, take a photo/scan and email it directly to the instrumental teacher. A list of each teacher’s e-mail is included in the attached consent form.

– A laptop / computer / tablet / phone including a webcam, microphone and speakers. All modern laptops, tablets and phones and all Apple computers have these built in. We suggest using headphones, too.

– While mobile phones are possible, something with a larger screen is preferable. If using a tablet, thought should be given to what it will rest against (if it doesn’t have a stand of its own.)

– A working broadband connection capable of supporting audio and video communications.

– A space where the student has room for their lesson and enough peace and quiet to concentrate.

– Video telephony software, as agreed with the teacher. 

– Lessons will, however, need to be held in an area where student and teacher can concentrate on the lesson and not be unnecessarily interrupted. This may be hard to balance with younger children in the house and may take a few lessons to establish a good routine.

As previously stated, your son will receive and email from Mr Hunt and their music teacher, but their details are also attached, should it be of additional convenience. We do hope that you are looking forward to joining us on our new endeavour into the online world of music tuition!

Kind Regards,

The Music Department