Apr 19 Programme of Learning for Term 3. Mr Kinder

Notes for parents and students

  • All students follow the timetable issued at the start of the year.  Class times are 0840, 0940, 10.55, 11.55, 13.35, 14.35. 
  • Use the allocated periods from your original timetable for
    • completing work set,
    • uploading completed work,
    • checking for work returned by your teacher,
    • re-doing items of work identified by your teacher,
    • organising notes,
    • revising notes from Terms 1 & 2,
    • extension work in this subject, and so on.
  • Certain periods within your existing timetable have been selected as LIVE classes with your teacher.  You will need a device with audio and/or video to take part in these lessons.
  • These periods have been selected based on the following rationale:
    • For 5th and 6th Year: for subjects timetabled for 4 periods a week, 2 live classes a week.
    • For 5th and 6th Year: for subjects timetabled for 3 periods a week, 1 live class a week.
    • For Years 1 – 3: one live class per week per subject
    • For TYs: one live class per week per subject, generally concentrating on LC subjects.
  • Some teachers, with the agreement of all class members, have made arrangements for additional or alternative classes. 
  • Please check our Distance Learning information page here to find answers to frequently asked questions.
  • If you still have any further questions, please submit them here