Mar 12 Online Access during Coronavirus closure

As the College has closed as of 6PM on Thursday 12th, there will be no access to any of the computing and ICT facilities within the building and the ICT Office will not be accessible.


You can log in to Office365 here:

Make sure to check your e-mails daily. While your teachers will do their best to assist you with any queries you have about their classes during the closure, bear in mind they may have several classes and hundreds of students, each sending them queries individually, so they mightn’t be able to get back to you right away.

If you forget your Office365 password:

  • There will be no access to any part of the College grounds or buildings, including the ICT Office, during the closure
  • Send an e-mail to stating your full name, class group and year (it doesn’t have to come from a Castleknock College e-mail account)
  • A new password will be sent by SMS to the most recent number(s) for your parent(s)/guardian(s) that we have on file
  • For security, passwords will not be sent by e-mail, given out verbally over the phone, or sent to any number other than those which we have on file.

Computer Lab Work and Access to Software

The vast majority of applications used throughout the labs can be downloaded at no cost for student use. If you’d like a full list of those applications, and a link to their download, please send an e-mail to

For students of DCG, please contact for information on how to obtain a copy of SolidWorks for use at home.

If there are files you were working on in the labs which you have saved to your H: drive and that you require urgently during the closure, please send an e-mail to For security, this request must come from your account. Please be as descriptive as possible about which files you require. Your files will be retrieved and sent to you as soon as possible.

Everything else…

For any other query which you do not see here, please send an e-mail to Please bear in mind that due to the closure, the relatively quick decision to close and the expected volume of queries as a result, there may be a delay in responding to you.