Dec 13 New – Badminton Lessons

Application for Badminton 2018

Badminton at St Vincent’s Castleknock College 2018 will be managed by Brian Kearney & Co, who also manages our tennis.  The international standard coaches working with Brian will be Mark Topping, David Walsh & Reaz Vawda.  We plan to enter the schools leagues in 2018-19.  Shuttlecocks and racquets will be supplied (though it is best to get your own racquet eventually).  We will be playing on the four badminton courts in our new Sports Hall.

If you sign up for badminton 2018 you get:

  • Badminton coaching on Monday lunchtime every second Monday
  • Badminton coaching for an hour after school every Friday
  • Access to the internal badminton competitions in both singles and doubles.

The cost is €90, which covers January to May.  The first lessons will be on Monday 15 January (Group A) and Friday 19 January (Group A & B).

Our badminton players will use the PE outfit, but any gear will do so long as the students wear runners.

There are two groupings to choose from:

  • Group A who are the elite players and who are already quite good at Badminton will train every second Monday lunchtime and 4:45-5:45pm every Friday.
  • Group B who are not quite as accomplished as Group A will train on every second Monday and 3:454:45pm every Friday.

(There may be some fluidity later for those who wish to change groups)

____ ____      ____      ____    ____     ____      ____      ____    ____     ____      ____      ____    ____      ____      ___ ____

Application Form

  • I would like to enrol my son ____________________________ who is in class ____________ for badminton 2018.
  • I enclose €90 to cover January to May.
  • He will start in GROUP A /   GROUP B (circle the one which applies).

Parent’s signature:          ______________________________________

Please put this form along with the fee (cash, cheque or postal order) in an envelope and mark it ‘Badminton 2018’.  Hand it in at reception (or to Mr Murphy).  Thank you.

Note: Places are restricted; the first 24 applications for Group A and the first 24 applications for Group B will get the places.