Jun 06 State Examinations 2017

  • The State Examinations begin on Wednesday 07 June 2017.  We have gone to great lengths to keep our 3rd & 6th Year students in the right frame of mind for their coming exams. One way in which we try to keep things ‘normal’ is by having everyone in the usual Castleknock College uniform during exams.  Students who are undertaking exams should wear full uniform to their allocated examination centres.  Please make sure that your son is dressed accordingly when he leaves for school – right up to the final exam.  We have spare jumpers, shirts, ties, black leather shoes for those who appear in the incorrect attire.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our students the very best of luck in both the Junior Certificate and the Leaving Certificate exams.
  • Junior Cert students will be allowed to use the table tennis area as their “base camp“.  We have removed the table tennis tables and put in tables and chairs.  The “base camp” for Leaving Cert students will be the College Ref.  From 08:00am students will be allowed to go to their base camps to study, read and compare notes.
  • The Library will be open for State Exam students for one week from 08:00am until 02:00pm each day.  This will be strictly for students who wish to study in total silence.
  • Students who leave the exam before the appointed time will have to sign out and their parents will be informed by Webtext.  We recommend that students use ALL the time available to check that they have answered the question asked, to read over their script, to check for errors and to make the most of every possible minute.
  • During the exams there will be no food on offer from the school canteen.  Instead, students may bring in their own food or may travel to the Village to buy lunch.