Dec 15 Leinster Schools Junior League Division 1A Final 2014-2015

St Vincent's Castleknock College are the Leinster Rugby Junior League (Division 1A) Champions, after defeating Roscrea in the final. What a win!  Roscrea led at half-time, scoring a beautiful try.  In the second half we pressed and got close – but found it hard against a very strong Roscrea side.  But the team never lost heart, never lost belief, never gave up.  Finally, after an error in the Roscrea defence, Mike Leahy pounced to score an equalising try.  Daniel Waldron's conversion attempt, from a long way out, narrowly missed the posts. 

After the restart, we were back in our own 22.  Things looked bad.  Could we hold on for a replay?  No, with growing self-belief in the team, they were not satisfied to hold on.  They gradually moved up the field.  Roscrea gave away a penalty under pressure.  Daniel Waldron asked how long left.  "Last kick of the game," said the referee.  So, from the same spot as the missed conversion, Daniel sized up the kick.  The crowd went silent.  He struck.  The ball flew.  And dropped.  Would it reach?  Yes, it fell just over the bar.  We had won!

There were scenes of unconfined jubilation.  "Abide with me was roared by players and supporters together.  The loser medals were given out to a gallant Roscrea side.
Then the winners' medals were given out, ending with the medal and cup being presented to Adam Corcoran.  It's been a long wait – but worth it.

Jubilant fans and families returned to the College for supper, speeches, congratulations and thanks.  Thanks went to the boys, the squad, the others in 2nd & 3rd year who play rugby, to the parents (who supported, kitted out, washed, encouraged, etc) and especially to Ian Smith, Jeremy Staunton, Adrian Flavin, Jack Hurley, Peter Reilly and the others who coached this team in this and previous year.  The evening was a fitting end to a marvellous day for St Vincent's Castleknock College, Leinster Junior League Champions! 

Below, you can see Cian Egenton and his brothers Dara and Ben after the game … and the team with all the supporters.