Oct 24 Incorrect report in The Herald and on www.independent.ie

A report appeared in The Herald of today (Friday 24 October 2014) and on the Irish Independent website www.independent.ie referring to an incident which occurred in Tír na nÓg Park, Carpenterstown, on Saturday 18 October. 

This report stated that Gardaí are investigating whether there is a possible link between this incident and what was reported to be the sighting of a naked man “hiding behind prefabs in Castleknock College”  last Wednesday at 7 p.m. 

There are no prefabs at Castleknock College and we have received no reports about such an incident from the Gardaí or any other sources.

The report also referred to the fact that “all parents of a nearby secondary school have been put on alert”.  No such notifications or alerts have been issued by Castleknock College. 

We believe the reports in The Herald and on www.independant.ie  to be totally incorrect.

We have asked The Herald to correct the information for the final edition and to issue a clarification in tomorrow’s paper.  The incorrect information on www.independent.ie has already been changed.