Oct 20 Maths Week 2014

The college participated in Maths week 2014 with trips to UCD and Engineers Ireland during the week. On Tuesday, our 70 5th Year Higher Level Maths students attended a talk on infinity, mathematical modelling and chance given by the Mathematical Sciences department of UCD.

Rayan Bouguerra and Omar Emara won spot prizes for correctly answering questions on the periodic motion of a simple pendulum and the rise and fall of clouds respectively.

On Thursday, 100 of our 1st Year Maths students attended a problem-solving session at Engineers Ireland that involved puzzles with digits, card tricks, a story about a sad Eqyptian camel and the marvellous Mobius strip. Of course, every week is Mathsweek in the college with timetabled classes in Maths and Applied Maths as well as Mr Murphy and Mr Staunton's Maths club.

Now, here's a teaser for you:

Given two unmarked jugs, one which holds 7 litres, and another which holds 11 litres, an unlimited supply of water, and no need to conserve, how do you measure out exactly 6 litres?