May 20 Senior Gold Medal Debate 2014!

The Senior Gold Medal debate was won for the second year in a row by Cian McGoldrick.  Six debaters from 6th Year and two from Transition Year fought out a lively debate on whether voting should be compulsory.  The standard was extremely high all round, leaving the adjudicator, Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn (Class of '84) a difficult task to pick the winner.  However, Cian was that bit more impressive, more commanding of the room than the others – and he was a well-deserved winner of the Gold Medal 2014.

Thanks to Mr Dick Wafer and Mr Cormac McGabhann for their work through the year in managing the Senior Debating Society.  It's been a great year for Senior Debating.  

The photo of Cian here is not his debating garb – the speakers all wore tuxedos – but his fancy dress as Mr Murphy earlier in the week.  In case of doubt, the real Mr Murphy is on the left.