Dec 19 Boot Drying Box!

Daniel Waldron has designed a boot-drying box as part of his Business Enterprise project.  The box can be used to dry out smelly, muddy boots and shoes outside the house.  It's made from pine-wood and comes in various sizes.  

The regular model (seen in the picture) retails at only €45. It has been road-tested and works well.  Boots dry out overnight – even in wet weather.  It is the answer to every mother's (and father's) prayer.

To purchase your order, please contact Daniel at  A specimen will be on view in the foyer on Monday and Tuesday, if a parent wants to inspect the product.

We wish Daniel all the best when his project is entered for the Business Enterprise Competition in Blanchardstown.  We reckon it could be a winner, as the idea and the product are top quality.  

Watch this space for other projects by other enterprising young men in our school.