Sep 13 Junior Cert Class of 2013!

Highlights of the results for Junior Cert 2013�at�St Vincent’s Castleknock College

  • 17 students got six As or more — the most since records began!
  • Twenty-seven students got an A in CSPE
  • There were 25 As in Higher Level Project Maths — nearly three times better than the national average — and there were 25 Bs as well
  • In History, there were 24 As and 24 Bs at Higher Level
  • In German, 35% of our students got an A, almost three times the national average (12%)
  • In Geography, 84% got an honour (A, B or C at Higher Level) compared with 58% nationally
  • 83% of our students got honours in English, compared with 53% nationwide
  • In Science, 18% got an A — double the national average — and 77% got honours compared with 59% nationally
  • In our first ever Technical Graphics class, 29% got an A, compared with 15% nationally
  • In Irish, 50% got an honour compared with 40% nationally
  • Just over half of our Spanish students got A or B
  • In Business, 20% got an A — more than double the national average
  • n French, Classical Studies and Music, half the students got A or B
  • Most importantly, most students got the best results since they entered second level — well done all round!

Congratulations to the Junior Cert Class of 2013 and to their teachers