Aug 14 Examination results we can all be proud of!

Highlights of the results for Leaving Cert 2013 at St Vincent’s Castleknock College

  • 88% of our Music students got either A or B at Higher Level — more than double the national average
  • Three quarters of the Applied Maths class got an A
  • 86% of our Art students got an honour (60% nationally)
  • 76% of the Physics students got A or B at Higher Level (50% nationally)
  • In Religious Education, 92% got an honour compared with 62% nationally
  • 78% of our DCG students got Honours (61% nationally)
  • 86% of our History students got honours (52% nationally)
  • In English, 77% got an honour, compared with 50% nationally
  • In Project Maths, 37% of all our students got Honours (compared with 22% nationally)
  • 23% of our higher level French students got an A compared with 14% nationally
  • 73% of our Chemistry students got A or B at Higher Level (49% nationally)
  • In German, Business and Accounting, we were well above the national average for getting honours
  • All of our Economics students took the higher level paper and half got A or B
  • In Geography, all of our students took the Higher Level paper and not one failed
  • No student failed English or Project Maths (and only one failed Irish), leaving the door open to most third level courses

Congratulations to the Class of 2013 and to their teachers