The Association of Patrons and Trustees of Catholic Schools is ethos driven.  The reason we are deeply involved in Catholic Schools is to provide parents who wish to educate their children with a school whose ethos is Catholic.   Such an education cannot just focus only on points, or academic subjects.   We are not naked intellect. The school is not a laboratory for facts.  Spiritual and moral formation are required, too.

It would be mistake to think that most parents are less interested in a school with a Catholic ethos than previous generations.   We should not shy away from our ethos.  We must put ourselves in the public square.  If the Catholic School is to fulfil its mission properly, it cannot retreat into what it considers a safe space.  A Catholic school that isolates itself becomes self-centred and self-referential.

Extract from the Homily by Dermot Farrell, Archbishop of Dublin. [Click here] for the full text of the Homily.



Our fellow students in Ambo have prepared a special message to everyone preparing for exams, especially those in Sixth Year as they study for the Leaving Certificate.

Watch our end-of-year staff and student presentation of “Riverdance”.

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